Normal Sport

A collection of illustrations from the book. All posters are 18×24.

An illustrated collection of all the bizarre, amazing things that happened in golf in 2021.

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Normal Sport is an irreverent (but hopefully insightful!) look at the year in golf in 2021. A collection of the most absurd but also the most wonderful moments of another indelible season. It’s an attempt to contextualize what we saw and experienced — like Bryson shadowboxing on a helipad, Westy raising the roof at Sawgrass and Phil (PHIL!) winning the PGA — and document it all in one place for the sake of both enjoyment and posterity. 

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About Kyle Porter

Hey, my name is Kyle, and I tried to write this in the third person, got about 75 words in and couldn’t handle it anymore. I’ve covered 35 majors, four Ryder Cups and more Jordan Spieth rounds than the American Heart Association publicly recommends. I love a lot of things in life, and this crazy, insane game is one of them. It has produced a harvest of joy for me in the form of playing with friends but also in getting to travel the country to watch and write about others who play it. I’m very grateful for that, which I hope always emanates from everything I create.

Many People Are Saying

Such a cool idea. I can't put it down.
Shane Bacon
Golf Channel
Kyle’s writing makes us think about golf, and life, differently. He’s the rare combination of humorous and wise.
Sean Martin
PGA Tour
Kyle combined the levity of his Twitter account with his captivating literary genius to create something special … Normal Sport.
Rick Gehman
Normal Sport highlights the unique moments of 2021 with brilliant commentary and illustrations that you are sure to enjoy.
Greg Ducharme
Michael Breed Golf Academy


There are a few reasons, but the primary ones are 1. Amazon takes a preposterous cut of the revenue on digital books and 2. This was always meant to be a standalone digital product because of how rich the illustrations are. It’s difficult to format it in such a way to make it pop on Kindle like it does as a PDF.

Of course. You can send PDFs to either platform to read them, and I do this all the time (though I prefer iBooks for PDFs because you can actually click the links). One note is that if either platform asks you if you want to convert to their format, click “no,” because the formatting will look goofy. It should just be sent to Kindle or iBooks as a PDF. If you have trouble, click here for a tutorial.

You can do that as well, although reading a PDF on your phone is a bit more straining because of how small the text is. This project — because of how rich the illustrations are — was always meant more bigger devices like iPads.

Most of the reason this year was logistical. We completed this entire project in about 60 days and just didn’t have time to go down that road. Any future vision of Normal Sport would likely include some sort of physical product (either a book or perhaps posters of the illustrations).

At checkout, you should get a download link (you may have to refresh your browser). If you don’t see it, a download link will also be in your inbox.

You can email me at kyle at anormalsport dot com.

The best way to do this is to just put their email in at checkout and pay for it. They’ll receive a download link to their email, and you’ll always be the person who introduced them to Phil-crypto jokes and Elmo fire gifs.

Oh I suppose. Perhaps I’m too trusting of folks, but I just presume most people will care enough about it to purchase it for themselves. If you work hard enough, you can steal most digital products. I’ll never win that war. But I’m grateful for everyone who appreciates the time, effort and energy that were put into this project enough to throw $15 at it.

Jason Page. He’s incredible. Hire him if you have a project. You can find him on Twitter here.

Shea Serrano’s excellent essays on The Office and Scrubs, which you can find here. He was the first person I recall saying, “Yo, I’m just going to make a digital book the way I want to make it.” And of course, it was great.


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• Shotgun Start: A two-part look at the middle of the season with a focus on Phil’s insane PGA (Part 1 | Part 2).

Golf Channel: Lighthearted review of the craziest characters and moments from 2021 (and I dropped my airpod on live TV).

First Cut Podcast: The first look at the book with some backstory about how and why it happened.

Golfers Journal: The most comprehensive look at my personal story as well as the #process of writing this book.

Drop Zone: A discussion with Sean and Dylan about why we talk about golf the way we do and why that makes it fun.

On the Mark: A chapter-by-chapter review of the book and why I wrote it like I did.

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